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The Administration is being re-organized. Its new structure will be available soon. For further information, please see the related link (in Italian).

Organizational Unity
  • Human Resources
  • Organization, Planning, Control/Support for the Evaluation Committee 
  • Computer Science
  • Prevention and Protection

General Affairs Sector

  • U.A.S. Regulation of legal management of personnel
  • U.O. Personnel Social Security
  • Legal status of teaching staff service
  • Legal service of research personnel service
  • Scientific research and course/Projects with external financing service
  • Legal Affairs service 
  • Tenders and contracts service

Management of financial resources sector

  • U.A.S. Regulation of payment and social security contributions of personnel
  • U.O. Department Links
  • Financial Service
  • Payment of personnel service
  • Payment of personnel with S.S.N. agreement

Student Services Sector

  • U.A.S. Statistics – Systems theory
  • Secretarial Service for Degree Courses
  • Secretarial Service for Postgraduate courses and External Training/Right to Study

Maintenance, Purchases and Heritage

  • U.A.S. Management of technical work for safety
  • U.O. Administration/accounts service
  • Bursary and Property service
  • Management of Buildings North area/New buildings
  • Management of Buildings Historic centre and Residences 
  • General Services and Technological Systems

General Secretarial sector

  • U.A.S. internal/external communication
  • Support service or organs of government 
  • Protocol and computer archives service
  • U.O. Management of vehicles