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Seminars on Sustainable Development Goals

Introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the academic and civil communities. A proposal of the University of Brescia

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted on the 25th of September 2015 by the UN General Assembly to serve as the roadmap towards the 2030 horizon (the 2030 UN Agenda).SDG Poster
Even if SDG stems from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that have covered the 2000-2015 period and were mainly focused on resource-limited Countries they have a much broader scope addressing economic, educational, health, environmental, energetic and ecological issues of concern for any Country on the Planet.
As the Sustainable Development Goals will shape the efforts of the Nations in the next 15 years, it is of the upmost importance that the university system everywhere acts so that they are well-known and understood by the academic community and the civil society where any academic institution is located. This should be done in the most integrated and international way as possible as the SDGs are multidisciplinary in nature.

The University of Brescia has a longstanding record of activities in the field of International Cooperation with both other industrialized Countries and resourcelimited Countries. In particular, the University of Brescia is a member of the SDSN network and hosts the UNESCO Chair on training human health resources in resource-limited countries, co-organizer of the proposal.
The University of Brescia has planned and approved a long-term educational project aimed at introducing the Sustainable Development Goals to its academic community and to the civil society where it operates.

A cycle of seminars will be organized, one for each of the SDGs. The general frame of the Seminars is introduced by a Professor of the University of Brescia, selected because of his/her competence in the field addressed by the specific Sustainable Development Goal, who is responsible for selecting a national or international expert that will be the Honorary Guest of the Seminar.
The Honorary Guest will lecture and discuss with the audience, which will mostly be composed by students from the University of Brescia and the neighbouring Universities. Students from the secondary higher schools (Colleges) will also be invited to attend the Seminars.

2017 Programme

The first five Seminars have been scheduled as follows. The following Seminars will take place in 2018 and 2019.

Opening Seminar (11th May, 2017)

  • Honorary Guest: Emeritus Professor Emanuele Severino (University Ca Foscari, Venice)
  • Title of the Opening Lecture: Towards a better world
  • Focal Point for the University of Brescia: Prof. Francesco Castelli

SDG n. 1 – No poverty (1st June, 2017)

  • Honorary Guest: Professor Giovanni Gozzini (University of Siena)
  • Focal Point for the University of Brescia: Prof. Terenzio Maccabelli

SDG n. 2 – Zero hunger (7th September, 2017)

  • Honorary Guest: Professor Claudia Sorlini (University of Milan and President, EXPO2015 Scientific Board)
  • Focal Point for the University of Brescia: Prof. Gianni Gilioli

SDG n. 3 – Good health and well-being (27th October, 2017)

  • Honorary Guest: Dr Mario Raviglione (Director, Global Tuberculosis Programme, WHO Geneva)
  • Focal Point for the University of Brescia: Prof. Francesco Castelli

SDG n. 4 – Quality education (8th November, 2017)

  • Honorary Guest: Emeritus Professor Paolo Orefice (University of Firenze)
  • Focal Point, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart: Prof. Domenico Simeone

SDG n. 5 – Gender equality (20th November, 2017)

  • Honorary Guest: Professor Chiara Saraceno (Universities of Turin and Berlin)
  • Focal Point for the University of Brescia: Prof. Susanna Pozzolo