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Employment and professional opportunities for Graduates - Master's Degree Course in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Functions in a work environment:

The main functions of the professional figure are:

  • the freelance profession as a senior engineer, with tasks of designing and coordination in planning, designing and management;
  • employee of public institutions, with managerial function;
  • employee of private corporations and institutions, with managerial function.
Function related competences:
  • design and management of hydraulic and land defense works, of sanitary-environmental systems, of urban and extra-urban transport systems and of environmental surveying;
  • designing and management of planning, programming and urban and territorial designing at different scales, as well as programming and designing of plans, projects and technological systems;
  • design and management of building renovation, of both historical evidence and even recent low-quality construction, and of urban regeneration at different scales;
  • high-level technical-administrative and technical-commercial management with public administrations, companies, public and private institutions, and professional offices.
Employment opportunities:

The career opportunities for the graduates from the Master's Degree Programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering are as follows:

  • planning and management of hydraulic works and engineering works for the defence of the territory, environmental health systems, urban and extra-urban transport systems and environmental surveys, to be carried out both independently and an in an innovative way;
  • supervision in the field of urban and territorial planning, programming and design, at different levels, as well as assessment of plans, projects and technological systems;
  • design and management of renovation works, addressing both historical landmarks and modern low quality buildings, as well as urban regeneration at different levels;
  • high-level, technical-administrative and technical-commercial supervision within public administration, companies, public and private bodies and professional firms.


The course prepares for the profession of senior engineer, qualification achievable only after passing the state exam and registering in section B of the professional register.

In particular it qualifies for the professions of (ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) codifications):

  • Hydrologists - (
  • Construction and environmental engineers - (
  • Hydraulic engineers - (
  • Planners, landscape designers and recovery specialists conservation of the territory - (
  • Researchers and technicians graduated in civil engineering and architecture sciences - (