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Students' representatives page - Master's Degree course in Civil and Environmental Engineering


The elective representation of the students is guaranteed in the Academic Senate, in the Board of Directors, in the Joint Commissions of the Departments, in the Coordinating Structures for the teaching activity, in the Boards of Study and in the Evaluation Unit.

The regulations of the individual structures introduce measures to protect the student representation, including the possibility of access, in compliance with current legislation, to the data necessary for the explanation of the tasks attributed to it.

The elective mandates of the student component last two years and are renewable once.

Student representatives in the Civil and Environmental Engineering CCSA (Aggregated Study Programme Advice) 

  1. Conidoni Andrea detto Andrio a.conidoni@studenti.unibs.it
  2. Corridori Camilla c.corridori001@studenti.unibs.it
  3. Kasemi Franko detto Frenk f.kasemi@studenti.unibs.it
  4. Lako Aurora a.lako@studenti.unibs.it
  5. Valdameri Federica detto Fede f.valdameri@studenti.unibs.it

Students representatives in the "Teachers and Students Joint Commettee" of the Department of Civil,  Environmental, Architectural Engineering and Mathematics

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