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Italian for foreigners

The issue of teaching and learning Italian is more and more urgent for students in International Mobility, in these times of personal and collective isolation imposed by the pandemic. With the aim of promoting linguistic, social and cultural inclusion, the University of Brescia relaunches Italian courses for foreign students in the conviction that, especially today, language training is an essential tool of welcome and integration that will strengthen identity and create communities within both real and virtual classrooms.
The Italian courses, programmed in three levels (elementary, intermediate, advanced), are aimed at Erasmus students, PhD students, freshmen and visiting professors in International Mobility. Some interdisciplinary and in-depth activities will be activated, with the aim of enhancing learners' linguistic and cultural skills.

Italian courses for foreigners (remote modality)  will be activated shortly. In the meantime, users are invited to use the 'Online Platforms' service and the 'Related Sites' 

lingua italiana e Lingua e cultura italiana

Useful sites for learning Italian