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Opportunità internazionali Erasmus+ per docenti e PTA

2nd Staff Training Week Universitat Jaume I from the 20th - 24th May 2019 (Eligible for Erasmus+ STT funds)

The second Staff Training Week organised in our institution is aimed at European Staff related to Internationalization either from partner or non-partner universities who would like to learn more about our facilities, our management of the different mobility programmes and about our teaching and research methods. We have also tried to organise a programme that can offer you some networking  events in order to make the most of your stay with us.

In order to give a greater scope to this international week, some of the activities and presentations will be also aimed at library-related staff.

For more information please see the attached preliminary programme of activities or the following link with the information about the last staff week https://www.uji.es/serveis/ori/base/incoming/personal_entrant/

If you are interested and would like to apply for it please fill in the application from the link below before 5th February: 



15th Erasmus Week Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (eligible for Erasmus+ funds)

It is a great pleasure to invite you and your colleagues for our 15th Erasmus Week that will be held at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança from 13th till 17th of May 2019. We would like to invite teachers and staff members to participate in this event.

We will receive up to:

  • 50 teachers
  • 20 staff members of International Relations Offices
  • 5 staff members of Image and Students Support Office (Marketing)
  • 5 staff members of Image Services (Design and Image Production)
  • 5 staff members of Entrepreneurship Office
  • 5 staff members of Informatics Services
  • 5 staff members of Library Management
  • 5 staff members of Project Management Office (only French, Spanish or Portuguese speaking participants)
  • 5 staff members of Academic Services
  • 5 staff members of Purchase Department
  • 5 staff members of Chemical and Biotechnological Laboratories

Please check our website www.ipb.pt/erasmusweek to see more information and submit your Application online.

IMOTION staffmobility.eu

La piattaforma online IMOTION staffmobility.eu raccoglie le informazioni relative alle opportunità di formazione per il personale tecnico-amministrativo delle università europee.

Sono potenziali destinazioni le università partner con cui il nostro Ateneo ha stipulato un accordo bilaterale che prevede la mobilità del personale. 

Le attività di formazione devono essere coerenti con le funzioni svolte all’interno della struttura presso la quale si presta servizio.