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Erasmus Mundus LEADER Project


LEADER Project  (Links in Europe and Asia for engineering, eDucation, Enterprise and Research exchanges) is an Erasmus Mundus Project, Action 2, Strand 1. 

LEADER Project aims at giving the best carreer prospects to Asian Students and to reinforce cooperations between EU and Asian Higher Education Institutions.

Università degli Studi di Brescia is a partner in a consortium coordinated by the University of Sannio that consists in five European universities in Italy, Spain, PortugalGreece , Latvia and many Asian universities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, PakistanChina, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, DPRK

UniBS local coordinator of LEADER Project is Prof. Giorgio Sberveglieri, Deputy Director of the Department of Information Engineering and Chanchellor's Delegate for the European Research Projects.

The Project provides funds for the exchange of students and staff at all levels: undergraduate and master's students, PhDs, post-docs and staff (faculty and administrative) both from Asia to EU and EU to Asia.

For further information, please refer to the main page of the Project in the related pages. 

ASIA TO BRESCIA CANDIDATES: Please refer to the International Students section of our website for any information about facilities, services (accommodation, cafeteria, transportation) study programs and practical information about immigration procedures.

Our International Students Office will provide information and assistance throughout every step of your mobility. 

BRESCIA TO ASIA CANDIDATES: Please refer to the Project's website for further information on partner institutions, duration of the mobilities, scholarships. 

For both inbound and outbound candidates, the application for scholarships will be carried out online through the LEADER Project's website. Our International Student Mobility Office will provide assistance once candidates have been selected. 


The third call for applications for EU to Asia mobilities has been opened.

Deadline on December 20th, 2016. 

Please refer to the Project's website for any further information or ask UOC Mobilità Internazionale Studenti