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Natural Risk Assessment and Management

The PhD Programme in Natural Risks Assessment and Management, is framed within a long-term expertise developed at the University of Brescia in different fields, within research projects funded by the European Commission, the Ministry of University and Research, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other public and private funding agencies.
The Course aims at developing an advanced background in both risk assessment, environmental impact assessment and risk management from an economic point of view.
It is ‘Glocal’-oriented, i.e. it pays attention both to global-scale scenarios of natural hazards and is also applied to regional-scale problems.
The main scientific areas involved in the courses of the PhD Programme are:
ICAR/01-Hydraulics, ICAR/02-Maritime Hydraulic Construction and Hydrology; ICAR/07 Geotechnics; ICAR/08-Construction Science; ICAR/09-Construction Techniques; ICAR/20- Urban Planning; SECS-P/03-Finance; SECS-P/06-Applied Economics; SECS-S/06- Mathematics for Economics, Actuarial Studies and Finance; MAT/05-Mathematical Analysis; MAT/08-Numerical Analysis; MAT/09-Operational Research; GEO/05-Applied Geology.
All the above disciplines play a significant role in the overall educational project. The contents of both basic and advanced courses are summarized in the next sections.


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