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Technology for Health XXVIII ciclo

It is well known how the tecnology contribute to the quality of the human health. Bio Engineering or Biomedical engineering may be defined as the application of engineering to medicine and the life sciences. “Engineering” is here taken to include the physical sciences and computer science. There is considerable overlap between biomedical engineering and the fields of medical physics, biophysics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, instrumentation and medical informatics. Thus it is a field that is experiencing explosive growth and will continue to do so for the next several years.

A Ph.D. research on Technologies for Health is a three-year interdisciplinary programme that combines the fields of engineering and biological sciences to develop products and procedures that will solve medical and health-related problems and to build also the expertise for the assessment of environmental risks and the identification of preventive intervention. It is a research-oriented doctorate programme at the end of which candidates will be qualified to either enter the workforce or work toward advanced degrees in bio engineering, medicine, and biotechnologies.


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Prof. Emilio Sardini