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Introduction to database design, implementation and use (for science and engineering)

The course is organized in the context of the PhD DRII - Dottorato di Ricerca di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, a.y. 2017/2018

Duration: 10 hours

Teacher: Michele Melchiori


Databases are incredibly prevalent. This technology is used by most people every day if not every hour. Databases reside behind a huge fraction of websites; they are a crucial component of telecommunications systems, banking systems, healthcare information systems, and just about any other software system or electronic device that maintains some amount of persistent and organized information.

This course follows a practical perspective: it provides basic knowledge of conceptual modeling of data, by using a graphical language (UML), in order to design simple databases. Secondly, from the conceptual model we will see how to design and implement concretely a database using common database management systems and how to extract knowledge by querying the database and visualizing this data according to different chart types.

The course is suitable also for people without programming experience.


-Basic definitions
-UML class diagrams
-Relational data model
-Implementation of relational databases
-Presentation and use of software tools
-Querying a simple database and organizing the result as Chart
-Practical Examples