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Structural Rehabilitation of Historical and Modern Buildings

The University of Brescia is glad to organize a series of graduate courses and seminars with regard to many structural engineering topics, such as:
  • Reinforced concrete and Prestress Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Masonry Buildings
  • Advanced Structural Materials
  • Wood Architectures
 and many others.
They basically are graduate courses within the PhD programme in "Structural Rehabilitation of Historical and Modern Buildings" for the Doctoral Students of many Universities linked with The University of Brescia (The University of Trento, Padova, Trieste, Udine Venezia and Roma) and other Italian universities that showed particular interest in the mentioned programme.
Moreover, they are also official doctoral courses in the PhD programme "Design, Preservation and Control of Materials and Structures" running at the universities of Brescia, Trento, Padova, Trieste and Venezia.
Courses will be held at the department of Civil Engineering, via Branze 43, 25123 Brescia Italy.
Courses are open and free of charge for whomever may be interested in such topics.
Materials, textbook and references will be provided.

A final examination or a short project regarding the course content will generally be offered so that student can get credit.


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