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Dr. Paola Chiodelli - Macromolecular Interaction Analysis Unit

Dr. Paola Chiodelli

Personal data

Born on March 03rd, 1983 in Brescia, Italy, Italian citizenship.


She gained her degree in 2007 at the School of Medicine, University of Brescia, Italy (110/110 cum laude). She is now a Fellow Researcher in the Section of Experimental Oncology and Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Brescia.

Her researches has focused on

2005-2007: FGF2 interactions with endothelial cells.
2007-2009: interaction between Drm/Gremlin and heparan sulphates of endothelial cells.
2009-2012: involvement of sialic acid in integrin-dependent endothelial activation in response to HIV-1 Tat.
2012-present: involvement of sialic acid in VEGFR2-dependent endothelial activation in response to  VEGF.

Technical skills and competences

Cellular biology: colture of immortalized and primary cells, transfection, proliferation, adhesion and migration assays.

Angiogenesis assays:in vitro (matrigel, fibrin gel, collagen gel);  ex vivo (aorta ring, CAM) microscopy: confocal, time lapse and immunofluorescence.

Biochemistry: production and purification of recombinant proteins protein extraction from tissues, silver stain, western blot, ELISA assays, DNA  and RNA extraction,  PCR.

List of publications not dealing with SPR

(see also Publications containing SPR analysis)

C. URBINATI, P. CHIODELLI, and M. RUSNATI. “Polyanionicdrugs and viral oncogenesis: a novel approach to control virus infection, tumor-associated inflammation and angiogenesis” Molecules, 2008, 13:2758-2785 (I.F. 2,386)

C. TOBIA, P. CHIODELLI, S. NICOLI, P. DELL’ERA, S. BURASCHI, S. MITOLA, E. FOGLIA, P.B. VAN LOENEN, A.E. ALEWIJNSE, and M. PRESTA.  “Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor-1 controls venous endothelial barrier integrity in zebrafish” Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2012, 32:e104-116 (I.F. 6,369)