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Prof. Marco Rusnati - Macromolecular Interaction Analysis Unit

Prof. Marco Rusnati

Personal data

December 21st, 1962, Bussero, Milan, Italy. Widow with two sons.


Scientific Lyceum "Giordano Bruno", Melzo, Milan, Italy 1981. University of Milan, Italy, Doctor in Biological Sciences,1985 (110/110 cum laude).


Research Fellow, Chair of Biochemistry, School of Biology, University of Milan, 1983-1985.
Research Fellow (1986-1987), Research Assistant Professor  (1988-2000), Associated Professor (2001-today), Chair of Pathology and Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Brescia.

Stages in foreign institutes

Department of Medical Biochemistry & Microbiology, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 2000.

Teaching activity

In charge of several courses of the area of pathology and immunology in the School of Medicine of the University of Brescia.

Fields of research

1983-85: Purification and biochemical characterization of D-amino acid oxidase.
1986-1992: Purification and characterization angiogenic factors (FGFs), identification of their functional domains.
1992-present: Interaction of FGFs with their receptors and co-receptors present onto the cell-membrane or in the extracellular matrix of endothelium.
1996-present: Extracellular activity of  HIV-1 Tat, study of its interaction with soluble molecules, endothelial cell-associated receptors and extracellular matrix .
2001-present: Study of molecular interaction by surface plasmon resonance (BIAcore technology).
2003-present: Biological activities of HIV proteins gp120 and p17, its interaction with cellular receptors and extracellular matrix.
2008-present: development of inhibitor of HPV and RSV infection.

Member of editorial boards

Open Circul. & Vascular J., J. Bioeng. & Biomed. Sci., Curr. Angiogenesis.

Journal peer reviewer

He has been asked to act as peer reviewer by 46 international journals among which: Blood, Rev. Med. Virol., Glycobiology, FASEB J., Am. J. Pathol., PLOS ONE, J. Cell. Mol. Med., Angiogenesis, Oncogene, FEBS letters, Exp. Cell Res., Int. J. Cancer, Eur. J. Immunol.

Professional activity

Consultant for SIGMA TAU, Rome. Glycores 2000, Milan. Italfarmaco Espana, Madrid, APAvadis, Turin.


From 1995-today: grant "60%" from Ministero dell'Istruzione dell'Università e della Ricerca (MIUR).
1995: Comitato Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).
1998-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2003-04 and 2010-11: “PRIN” grants  from MIUR.
2002, 2004, 2006, 2010-11: National AIDS project of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.
2005-2007: grants from Associazione Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro.
2009-2010: CARIPLO foundation.

Italian or international patents
  1. “Miscela di glicosaminoglicani, desossiribonucleotidi ed eparina per la preparazione di terreni di coltura per l’isolamento, crescita e maturazione in vitro di colture cellulari di osteoblasti umani” (Depositato il 24-09-1996)
  2. “Use of long pentraxin PTX3 for the treatment of diseases caused by an altered activation of the growth factor FGF2” publication n° WO/2002/038169, International application n° PCT/IT2001/000563 (International filing 08/11/2001)
  3. “Use of long pentraxin PTX3 for the treatment of FGF-8 mediated tumour diseases” publication n° WO/2003/084561, International application n° PCT/IT2003/000207 (International filing 04/04/2003)
  4. “FGF2-binding peptides and uses thereof” publication n° WO/2007/085412, International application n° PCT/EP2007/000538 (International filing 23/01/2007)

He has attended 109 national & international meetings (149 contributes & 71 invited speeches). He is author of 20 book's chapters, 117 papers on peer-reviewed journals (pubmed) (total IF=575, active IF=189), 4711 citations,  h index=40 (web of sciences).