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Ciclo di seminari internazionali - New advances in Children Environmental Health

Dal 20 aprile al 15 giugno 2018, ore 14:00, Aula S di Medicina, si terrà una serie di seminari internazionali dal titolo "New advances in Children Environmental Health".


The Program for Visiting Professors of the University of Brescia hosts this annual course directed by Prof. Robert Wright, as part of the Memorandum of Understanding between the​ University of Brescia and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.


  • April 20 - The role of development in the response to environmental toxicants - Robert Wright
  • April 27 - Gene-Environment Interactions and Child Health - Jeanette Stingone, Robert Wright
  • May 04 - Air pollution and health: more than just respiratory effects - Jeanette Stingone, Robert Wright
  • May 11 - Impact of metal exposure on neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration in the areas of Brescia and Taranto - Donatella Placidi, Robert Wright
  • May 18 - The Exposome: Defining the Importance and Complexity of measuring the Environment - Manish Arora
  • May 25 - Early Life and Environment and Health - Manish Arora, Robert Wright
  • June 1 - Statistical methods for Environmental Mixtures and Health Effects - Chris Gennings, Robert Wright
  • June 8 - Introductory Elements of Risk Assessment for Environmental Mixtures - Chris Gennings
  • June 15 – Why social stressors are important determinants in the exposome? - Rosalind Wright, Robert Wright


Venerdì, 20 Aprile, 2018