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International conference "Argumenting health communication in digital era"

In recent years, discourse analysts have taken various approaches to the study of health communication. As the main approaches to health discourse taken over the past several decades, Conversation Analysis, Interactional Sociolinguistics and Narrative Analysis are breaking new grounds and opening up new horizons and contexts in health communication. Moreover, the so-called ‘digital era’ is undoubtedly affecting health behaviours and healthcare practices, and digital technologies require both discourse analysts and healthcare professionals to expand their perspective beyond traditional doctor–patient communication. New tools, tests and apps are accelerating changes and improving outcomes in health, healthcare and wellness. Technology is growing at an incredibly fast rate, which can help solve the issues of rising healthcare costs, demographics, access to data and so forth, on condition that the entire health communication system is able to keep up with it. The way discourse about health travels “beyond the clinic” needs to be explored, not just across physical settings but also across multiple semiotic modes and media.


Venerdì 13 settembre 2019 


Venerdì, 13 Settembre, 2019