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INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL: Re-inhabiting Cold War NATO Bases Valorization and Reuse of the NATO Base WEST STAR (site B)

9th - 15th september 2019

This International Summer School is an advanced and refresher course and aims at  providing the opportunity to gain professional experience, including scientific knowledge and empirical research on the themes of the course. In particular this course aims at creating inclusive synergies between the hypogean spaces of the military base and the highly anthropized naturalistic external areas. Different disciplines are therefore involved, from territorial analysis to architectural survey, to design, conservation and reuse of architectural and landscape spaces. The question of accessibility to cultural heritage is at the forefront, as is the issue of managing future user flows. The ISS wants to offer a didactic and research opportunity where experts from different disciplines can discuss these issues through seminars, lectures and laboratory activities.

Lunedì, 9 Settembre, 2019