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Seminario - Applications of boundary element methods for analysis of technical structures (from jet blade to tooth implants)

Venerdì 15 settembre 2017 alle 15:00 nell'aula seminari del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Architettura, Territorio, Ambiente e di Matematica in via Branze 43 si terrà il seminario dal titolo: "Applications of boundary element methods for analysis of technical structures (from jet blade to tooth implants)" con il prof. Mikhail Perelmuter  (Institute for Problems in Mechanics of RAS, Mosca, Russia).


Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.


The boundary element method in the direct formulation (BEMD) is used to analyze of the stress-strain state and the fracture parameters of structures with stress concentrators and interface cracks. The BEMD equations for the problems were written using the isotropic and the anisotropic fundamental solutions. For numerical solutions of the BEMD equations the boundaries of all sub-regions of structure are subdivided into isoparametric boundary elements. The multi-domain formulation is implemented. Near the crack tips the special crack boundary elements for modeling of the interface displacements and stresses asymptotic are used.

The numerical algorithm was implemented into computer software for solving 2D/3D and axisymmetical thermal and stress problems. In the developed software can be considered the following options: 1) multi-connected piecewise homogeneous structures; 2) anisotropic materials; 3) contact problems; 4) transient thermal loading; 5) interfacial bridged cracks.

Some results of this software application for thermal and stresses analysis of finite size structures containing material junctions of different kind and shape are presented.

Among them: 1) analysis of stress concentrations for cooling holes of turbine blades and disks; 2) contact problems for connection between tail of jet blade and disks; 3) analysis of the tooth implant stress state with different materials in structure.




Venerdì, 15 Settembre, 2017