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Seminario - Electric Vehicle Routing with Uncertain Charging Station Availability & Dynamic Decision-Making

Mercoledì 13 dicembre 2017 alle 15:00 nell'aula D5 del Brixia in via San Faustino 64 si terrà il seminario dal titolo: "Electric Vehicle Routing with Uncertain Charging Station Availability & Dynamic Decision-Making" con il prof. Justin Goodson, Saint Louis University, USA, ospite del prof. Luca Bertazzi.


We consider the problem of routing a single electric vehicle (EV) to a set of customers and allow the EV to perform midroute recharging at charging stations which have uncertain availability. The uncertainty in charging station availability complicates the planning of mid-route recharging, which is necessitated by EVs' restricted driving ranges; longer recharging times for EVs compound this difficulty. We present a stochastic dynamic programming approach to route planning that hedges against these uncertainties, and we present our preliminary results. We advance the current electric vehicle routing literature through more realistic modeling of uncertainty and queuing behavior at charging stations.

Mercoledì, 13 Dicembre, 2017