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Seminario prof. Patras - Max-Min Fair Airtime Allocation for Millimetre Wave Backhaul Networks

Giovedì 4 Maggio alle ore 15:00 presso l'aula 45 del DII il Prof. Paul Patras (University of Edinburgh) terrà un seminario dal titolo Max-Min Fair Airtime Allocation for Millimetre Wave Backhaul Networks.

Small cell densification enhances the capacity of cellular networks to meet the explosive growth of mobile data traffic, but moving large volumes of data between base stations and Internet gateways becomes challenging. While wired backhaul solutions may prove expensive and complex to deploy, wireless alternatives are more flexible  and could scale better. Following recent advances in millimetre wave (mmWave) technology, in this talk I will address the small cell backhauling problem wirelessly, and present a resource allocation scheme for data flows that traverse multi-hop mmWave networks. The proposed scheme leverages the multi-Gbps transmission capability of mmWave and overcomes the inherent severe terminal deafness issue. I will then introduce a light-weight coordination algorithm and demonstrate the proposed solution achieves high throughput performance as well as max-min fairness among aggregated flows.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Giovedì, 4 Maggio, 2017