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Course overview

Course sheet

Type of study programme: master's degree programme

Department: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

Degree: LM-27 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in Ingegneria delle telecomunicazioni

Duration: 2 years

Credits: 120 ECTS


Entry requirements:  three-year university degree or diploma, or other recognised and approved foreign qualification

Language: English

Location: Engineering campus, 43 Via Branze, Brescia  (Gmaps)

Learning objectives and expected outcomes

The master's degree programme in Communication Technologies and Multimedia, taught in English, trains highly qualified professionals with a solid background in the theoretical foundations of the disciplines underlying telecommunications and provides in-depth specialized knowledge on technologies and methodologies at the state of the art for the development of innovative communications systems, as well as technical and professional skills for consulting and solving application problems in the various fields of telecommunications services and systems.
Graduates in Communication technologies and multimedia will:

  • have the adequate knowledge of the theoretical and scientific aspects of mathematics and other basic sciences, as well as general engineering and more specifically in information engineering. They will be able to use this knowledge to interpret and describe complex engineering problems requiring an interdisciplinary approach;
  • have the ability to design, plan, and manage innovative telecommunications systems, processes and services, as well as highly complex experimental activities;
  • have acquired a good knowledge of the English language in the specific field of telecommunications, and learned to understand and expose, in English language, complex topics either by written or oral presentations.

The master degree programme final project consists of an important design or research activity, which ends with a public presentation that demonstrates the ability of the candidate to operate independently and to have good communication skills.