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Pubblicazioni anno 1989

Falsetti L, Zanagnolo V, Memo M, Spano PF.
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Properties of benzodiazepine binding sites in peripheral blood lymphocytes.
J Clin Lab Anal. 1989;3(6):332-6. PMID: 2559177

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Inhibition of aldosterone secretion by dopamine, ibopamine, and dihydroergotoxine in patients with congestive heart failure.
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J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 1989;14 Suppl 8:S29-39. Review. PMID: 2483440

Missale C, Nisoli E, Liberini P, Rizzonelli P, Memo M, Buonamici M, Rossi A, Spano P.
Repeated reserpine administration up-regulates the transduction mechanisms of D1 receptors without changing the density of [3H]SCH 23390 binding.
Brain Res. 1989 Mar 27;483(1):117-22. PMID: 2565146

Missale C, Memo M, Sigala S, Carruba MO, Spano P.
Angiotensin II differentially affects cyclic AMP formation in intact adrenal glomerulosa cells and in purified membrane preparations.
Regul Pept. 1989 Feb;24(2):167-78. PMID: 2537990

Cella SG, Moiraghi V, Minuto F, Barreca A, Cocchi D, De Gennaro Colona V, Reina G, Muller EE.
Prolonged fasting or clonidine can restore the defective growth hormone secretion in old dogs.
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Methylazoxymethanol-induced microencephaly: persistent increase of cortical somatostatin-like immunoreactivity.
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Peptides. 1989 May-Jun;10(3):705-8. PMID: 2506536

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Alpha 2-adrenoceptor sensitivity in anorexia nervosa: GH response to clonidine or GHRH stimulation.
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Hyperprolactinaemia induces a decrease of beta-endorphinergic activity in the hypothalamus.
Pharmacol Res. 1989 Jan-Feb;21(1):89-90. PMID: 2524724

Lima L, Dall’Ara A, Parenti M, Rusconi L, Muller EE, Cocchi D.
Replenishment of brain catecholamine stores does not restore the impaired growth hormone (GH) responsiveness to GHRH in aged rats.
Pharmacol Res. 1989 Jan-Feb;21(1):87-8. PMID: 2498860

Stankov B, Lucini V, Snochowki M, Cozzi B, Fumagalli P, Maccarinelli G, Fraschini F.
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Endocrinology Vol. 125, n. 3:1742-1744, 1989

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Distribuzione intratissutale e attivita’ antibatterica dei chemioantibiotici.
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