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Pubblicazioni anno 1987

Missale C, Liberini P, Lombardi C, De Cotiis R, Memo M, Spano PF.
Dopaminergic receptors in the cardiovascular system: their biochemical characterization and pharmacological importance
Cardiologia. 1987 Dec;32(12):1613-6. Review. Italian. PMID: 3329021

Memo M, Castelletti L, Missale C, Spano PF.
Stimulation of dopamine D-2 receptors increases potassium permeability in mammotrophs.
Eur J Pharmacol. 1987 Jul 23;139(3):361-2. PMID: 3666013

Memo M, Pizzi M, Missale C, Carruba MO, Spano PF.
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Neuropharmacology. 1987 May;26(5):477-80. PMID: 2955241

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Dopamine D2 receptor stimulation decreases the inositol trisphosphate level of rat striatal slices.
Eur J Pharmacol. 1987 Apr 14;136(2):263-4. PMID: 2954833

Missale C, Castelletti L, Pizzi M, Memo M, Carruba MO, Spano PF.
Striatal adenylate cyclase-inhibiting dopamine D2 receptors are not affected by the aging process.
Neurosci Lett. 1987 Mar 20;75(1):38-42. PMID: 3033556

Lombardi C, De Cotiis R, Spedini C, Missale C, Memo M, Spano PF.
Reversal by the selective D-2 dopamine receptor blocker sulpiride of the hypotensive effect of co-dergocrine in elderly hypertensives.
Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 1987;33(5):519-21. PMID: 2962878

Memo M, Pizzi M, Nisoli E, Missale C, Carruba MO, Spano P.
Repeated administration of (-)sulpiride and SCH 23390 differentially up-regulate D-1 and D-2 dopamine receptor function in rat mesostriatal areas but not in cortical-limbic brain regions.
Eur J Pharmacol. 1987 Jun 12;138(1):45-51. PMID: 2887436

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Antiprostatic effect of cimetidine in rats.
Agents Actions. 1987 Dec;22(3-4):197-201. PMID: 3445815

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Different regulation of growth hormone-releasing factor-sensitive adenylate cyclase in the anterior pituitary of young and aged rats.
Endocrinology. 1987 Nov;121(5):1649-53. PMID: 3117520

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Absence of D1 dopamine receptors that stimulate prolactin release in the rat pituitary.
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J Endocrinol Invest. 1987 Jun;10(3):241-6. PMID: 2957419