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Fondation Leducq

The mission of Fondation Leducq is to improve human health through international efforts to combat cardiovascular and neurovascular disease.

Recent developments in cardiovascular and neurovascular medicine have been impressive. New therapeuties, from technological and surgical interventions to innovative pharmaceuticals, have prevented the deaths and eased the suffering of many. Yet there is still much to be done. Both cardiovascular and neurovascular disease remain a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, including in the developing world.

The Fondation Leducq was created with the idea that the battle against cardiovascular and neurovascular disease should be waged at the international level. By forging scientific alliances that transcend national borders, and educating young researchers who thrive in an international context, we hope to promote innovation in cardiovascular and neurovascular research, allow researchers to benefit from an efficient use of resources, and develop long term collaborative relationships that will allow us ultimately to change the way patients with cardiovascular and neurovascular disease are diagnosed and treated.