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Research Training Fellowships

This scheme is for medical, dental, veterinary or clinical psychology graduates who have little or no research training, but who wish to develop a long-term career in academic medicine. Applications are encouraged from individuals who wish to undertake substantial training through high-quality research in an appropriate unit or clinical research facility, towards a PhD or MD qualification.

Fellowships are normally for two to three years. In exceptional cases a fellowship may be for up to four years for those who wish to undertake a relevant Masters training or diploma course. All training requests must be fully justified in the application.

Fellowships provide:

  • research expenses (e.g. consumables, travel, support to attend scientific meetings, fieldwork and data collection)
  • fellow's salary, set according to age, experience and our policy on enhancement.

The necessary equipment and facilities required for the proposed research must be available to the candidate, so it is essential that a laboratory or unit appropriate to the research proposed is selected. Substantial requests for equipment are not accepted.

Funding is not provided for PhD/MD tuition fees, although thFlexible Funding Allowance associated with the Fellowship may be used to contribute towards this expense. Funding may be requested for training activities relevant to the aims of the Fellowship, including, and when appropriate, for a Masters or Diploma.

Candidates who are currently funded on a one-year grant and wish to pursue a PhD may apply for a two-year Research Training Fellowship. We do not provide top-up funding.

The research project should normally be undertaken in the UK or Republic of Ireland and candidates may request to spend up to three months overseas during the fellowship. For candidates who are carrying out research in public health and tropical medicine in a low- and middle-income country location, the duration of the fellowship may be spent overseas.

Candidates who wish to pursue research in epidemiology or bioinformatics, and need to undertake a diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene or a Masters degree as an essential entry point, may be considered for an extra year's funding and course fees.

Next full application deadline: 7 September 2015.