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ExxonMobil Chemical European Science & Engineering Award

Thanks to the patronage of ExxonMobil Chemical Europe Inc., the FWO is able to award a biennial scientific prize to a Europan postdoctoral researcher for research in the field of Separation Techniques and Separation Modeling in Petrochemistry. The prize is intended for European postdoctoral researchers working in a laboratory at a European university or knowledge institute.

Candidates should be no older than 40. Researchers working on a project funded by ExxonMobil Chemical Europe Inc. or employed at ExxonMobil Chemical Europe Inc. are not eligible for the prize.

The scientific prize of 40,000 EUR is in support of research into 'Polymers and Nanotechnology’. The ExxonMobil Chemical European Science & Engineering Award is awarded every two years.

The prize is awarded every two years (even years).

The call is now closed.