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Research Scholarships

Applications for research scholarships can be made directly by Postdocs or scholars with Post Doctoral Lecture Qualification. A research scholarship is usually applied for by one scholar who will work on a specific project on his own. An institutional affiliation is not necessary. The simultaneous receipt of salary or retirement pension and a research scholarship is not possible. The period of support for Foundation stipend holders working on Ph.D. or research projects can be extended by up to 12 months if the holder becomes a parent during the period covered by the stipend and has an entitlement to maternity or parental leave. Individual arrangements must be discussed with the Foundation’s administrative office.

The funding period is generally between one and 24 months. 
It is possible to apply for a basic scholarship sum or, if appropriate, for a supplement for travel abroad (monthly endowment for stays of for weeks or more, a family grant award (for children who have not yet turned 18 under presentation of the child’s birth certificate, and if required, for travel expenses and material expenses.

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The application deadline is 22 November, 2018.