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IHÉS - Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques

Each year, IHÉS welcomes some 200 mathematicians and theoretical physicists from all over the world (post-doctorants and senior researchers) for periods ranging from a few days to one year, or even two in exceptional cases. IHÉS visitors are given complete freedom in their research, allowing them to change fields if they so desire. The freedom of research enjoyed by all the Institute's researchers enables them to work without constraint on the topics that interest them, and without them h­aving to worry about whether that fits into a given programme.
­Specific cases aside, IHÉS offers invited researchers, on top of a per diem, office space in the scientific building, the possibility of free accommodation in its nearby housing estate, as well as free access to the Institute's cafeteria for lunch during the week­.

­­­­Applications are made online, by first filling out the application form and then attaching­ the following documents (pdf file, ...):­­

  • Curriculum-vitæ
  • List of publications ­ ­
  • Research project summary ­
  • For young researchers, two­ or three letters of recommendation

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