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PEERE - New Frontiers of Peer Review

Role: Coordinator

Responsible for UniBS: Prof. Flaminio Squazzoni - DEM

Start date 01/06/2014 - End date 10/11/2018

Total cost for UNIBS: € 463.000

Call for proposal: COSTAction TD 1306

Websitte PEERE


This Action aims to establish a trans-disciplinary, cross-sectoral collaboration to promote a reform of peer review. By using the unique networking and collaboration features provided by the COST framework, this Action aims to connect knowledge from various disciplines, foster dialogue between science stakeholders and integrate research and domain experience towards a large scale, science of science approach. The objective of this Action is to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability of peer review by:

  • improving rules and incentives to help scientists to collaborate more effectively in all stages of the peer review process;
  • involving science stakeholders in data sharing, testing and implementation of new models;
  • improving ICT applications to ensure the highest commitment of everyone, eradicate unethical behaviour and promote trans-disciplinary innovation.

Not only can a better peer review system improve self-regulation processes in knowledge production and sharing, it can also increase the economic and social impact of science in Europe to better allocate resources and promote trans-disciplinary innovation.