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LIFE MED - MED Medical Equipment Discarded – A new Integrate system to reduce waste by medical equipment and medical WEEE

Role: Partner

Responsible for UniBS: Dott. Giuseppe Tomasoni - DIMI

Start date 01/07/2014 - end date 30/06/2017

Total cost: € 2.544.477,00
EU contribution: € 1.210.347,00

Total cost for UniBS: € 313.296,00
EU contribution for Unibs: € 156.648,00

Call for proposal:  LIFE+ 2013


The LIFE MED project aims to improve waste management for discarded medical equipment, with environmental, economic and social benefits.

The project’s specific objectives are:

  • Implementation of a new integrated management system for discarded medical equipment, in particular biomedical devices;
  • Prevention of waste production in the medical sector;
  • Correct management of medical waste, by means of the specific characterisation of medical WEEE;
  • Donation of medical equipment accompanied by assistance and replacement of parts;
  • Implementation of the project’s approach in Romania; and
  • Organisation of a stakeholder’s forum (including associations of clinical engineers and biomedical technicians, WEEE and packing consortia, and representatives from the Ministry, the region and the province) to discuss proposals, new procedures and legislative changes.


  • CAUTO Cantiere Autolimitazione Cooperative Sociali a.r.l. (Coordinaor), Italy
  • Università degli Stdu di Brescia, Italy
  • AFF (Ateliere Fara Frontiere), Romania 
  • MEMUA (Medicus Mundi Attrezzature cooperativa sociale onlus), Italy
  • Legambiente Lombardia Onlus, Italy