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The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Career Grants aim to support oncologic research by awarding outstanding young Principal Investigators (PI) wishing to establish their independent laboratory in a public or private non-profit  Italian research institution.

A maximum of two grants will be awarded in the 2017 call.

The Guido Berlucchi Foundation Career Grant is open to researchers:

  • of any citizenship;
  • below age forty;
  • holding a PhD degree;
  • with at least ten original papers as first, last or corresponding author, in peer-reviewed international scientific journals;
  • which have at last twenty-four months training in another Country(ies) than the one where the PhD was delivered.

Nine public or private non-profit Italian research institutions are eligible to host a PI, holder of a Career Grant. The list of the hosting institutions can be downloaded from List of 2017 Hosting Institution.
The Candidates must contact the Hosting Institutions in which they would like to establish their laboratory before making a final selection.

The signed Hosting Agreement, which is part of the Application, is the hosting institution’s approval of the  application. 
A maximum of three candidates per hosting institution are allowed. For each call, only one PI can be awarded and hosted in the same institution, regardless the number of candidates that have applied.

The overall funding for a PI is of 320,000 Euro over five years according to the funding scheme you can find on the Foundation website.

Applicants should submit their Application by email to fondazioneberlucchi@libero.it until 31st May 2017 at 12:00am (Central European Time).

In order to be considered eligible, Applications must be composed of:

  • Application Form, duly filled in all its parts;
  • Applicant’s CV, preferably in Europass format;
  • Hosting Agreement signed by the hosting legal representative;
  • Authorization(s) for human and/or animal research, if available at time of the application.

If you have any queries regarding the call or the application process, and you can not find the answer in the FAQ section, you can contact the Guido Berlucchi Foundation at: fondazioneberlucchi@libero.it

N.B.: Il bando Guido Berlucchi Foundation Career Grants prescrive un massimo di tre candidati per ogni hosting institution. Per questo motivo, chi fosse interessato a partecipare è pregato di inviare una lettera di intenti al Servizio Ricerca dell’Ateneo entro il 28 aprile 2017.