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The Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation (FFC) funds a limited number of research projects that have the ultimate aim to improve the health status of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. Research proposals in which translational objectives are clearly evident will be prioritized. Accordingly, research projects dealing with either clinical studies or pre-clinical studies exploiting animal models of CF are strongly encouraged. Multi-centre applications that combine different expertises in one project will be given a higher priority only if there is convincing evidence that the expected output will be more effective than the sum of individual projects.


Priority aeras:

1. Pathophysiology of the basic defect in cystic fibrosis and pharmacological approaches designed to correct defective CFTR or to compensate for its deficient function.

2. Identification and validation of new and appropriate in vivo and ex vivo assays to predict and monitor the potential efficacy of new therapies finalized to correct the CFTR defect.

3. Lung infection in CF: pathogenetic mechanisms and development of innovative diagnostic and antimicrobial strategies (studies clearly oriented towards possible clinical applications).

4. Lung inflammation in CF: innovative strategies to reduce the inflammation-based pathology in CF and CF animal models (studies with evident translational potential).

5. Clinical application in CF prevention, diagnosis, therapy, care and health organization (clinical trials, epidemiological studies and systematic reviews).


Note. Collaboration and trasferring of knowledge and expertises between basic and clinical research are particularly recommended. To this aim a clinical referring consultant for basic research project and a basic research consultant for clinical project should be appropriately taken into account.


The awarding of funds will be formally decided by the Italian CF Foundation Board of Governors and communicated on assignment. As a rule, funds are given to the PI and not to the Institution where he/she intends to carry out the funded project.

The Italian CF Foundation will manage directly the funds according to the PI’s or Co-ordinator’s indications.


The deadline for submission is February 15th 2018 (at 12 pm).

Applications must be submitted by Certified Email (PEC) through three PDF files: cover letter, application (forms 1-12), administrative documents (declarations, etc.) to: