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2017 Call for proposals

Created in October 2004, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation is a strong commitment by the Bonduelle Group to sustainable food. The Foundation works to promote the general good, with its aim being to bring about a sustainable change in eating habits. The Foundation’s work includes supporting research.

The 2017 call’s topic is: ‘Vegetables for all, new production and sourcing methods’.

Example of challenges that projects may address:

- development of permaculture;

- bring vegetation and plants in the urban space;

- limit food waste;

– shared vegetable gardens in the city;

- promote accessibility to vegetables throughout the year.

Other elegibility conditions:

- the project is appropriate to the Foundation's purpose;

- the subsidy cannot exceed 70% of the project's total cost. The Louis Bonduelle Foundation does not subsidise personnel costs;

- a target must be clearly identified;

- the effectiveness of the project must be assessed.

The project being financed will involve collaboration between the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and the partner.

Deadline for the submission of applications: 29 January 2018 (10:00 am French time).