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Progetto CARIPLO UniBS-MIT-MechE

Table of Contents
  1. Program objectives and agreement details
  2. Call for proposals, deadlines, and visa and health insurance requirements
  3. Expected results
  4. Running report on the approved projects and the results of the program
  5. Photo Gallery

Acronyms for this set of webpages (and links to the institutional websites):

CARIPLO = the CaRiPLo Foundation
UniBS = the Università degli Studi di Brescia
MIT = the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT-MechE = the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Abbreviations for this set of webpages:

Faculty = faculty member (personale docente) of any rank of either MIT-MechE (professor, associate professor, assistant professor) or UniBS (professore ordinario, professore associato, ricercatore)
Student = doctoral student at UniBS