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Master's Degree in Science and technology for population health and wealth

(In the A.Y. 2018/19 is offered only the second year of the course)

The Master’s Degree Course in Science and Technology for Population Health and Wealth:
  • provides students with knowledge and skills related to the innovative concepts of prevention, methodology and technological support in the field of population health and well-being and proper lifestyles according to the training objectives of the LM/67 class- Science and techniques of preventive and adapted motor activities;

  • provides theoretical and practical-technical knowledge in basic, technological and clinical subjects in order to understand the mechanisms underlying the development of the main evolutionary multifactorial chronic disease;

  • it is structured over two years and provides for the acquisition of a total of 120 CFU divided into basic, characterizing, similar, integrative and free training activities. The last semester is dedicated to internship activities and activities aimed at preparing the final exam. The teaching of the course is held in English.

The Master’s Degree Course in Science and Technology for Population Health and Wealth is part of the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine.

The “Consiglio Universitario Nazionale” in the meeting held on the 15th of May 2018 approved the proposed modification of the Master's Degree in "Science and technology for population Health and Wealth " and the establishment of the Master's Degree in "Exercise, Rehabilitation and Nutrition in an Aging Society" for the Academic Year 2018/19.