Call for application - First Stage Researcher (R1) within the Research Object "Acoustic and thermal Characterisation of recycled materials and neomaterials" - Research Programme "ACTAREBUILD"

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A Call for a position for First Stage Researcher (R1) in the framework of the ACTAREBUILD EU - DN - project, which provides research and training in retrofit of office building stock in Europe by means a new generation of sustainable materials and building components.

The topic of this PhD focuses on the acoustic and thermal characterisation of recycled and/or reused materials to be used in the construction of optimized multi-layered partitions. The project will be carried out with the joint supervision of University of Brescia and CTU Prague in collaboration with Cauto social cooperative, Italy.

This interdisciplinary research is hosted by the Applied Acoustics Laboratory at the University of Brescia (Prof. Edoardo Piana) and will be done in close collaboration with exchange visits to the Department of Physics - FEE-CTU in Prague (Prof. Ondřej Jiříček). Facilities and guidance will be available at the two universities. Samples and know-how will also be exchanged with industrial partners of the ACTAREBUILD project consortium.


For further information please contact

Prof. Edoardo Piana at [email protected]


or,  for general information about the project, write to

Prof. Monika Rychtarikova at [email protected]



APPLICATION DEADLINE: 25/09/2022 - 23:59 hours - Europe/Brussels time

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