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Forster Summer School 2021 - Digital Day Event Mainz University

The Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Geography and Geosciences of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is happy to invite you to our Digital Day Event on 22 July starting at 3pm local time in Mainz.


  • Lecture and Discussion – COVID-19 – A Novel Pandemic
  • Teaser – Forster Summer School at JGU Mainz
  • Get Together – Networking with International Students

For detailed information, please refer to the attached flyer.

Of course, you are also welcome to participate in individual program points. Just let us know.

The event will be held digitally via MS Teams. Please send an email to, if you are interested in participating. You will then receive the link to the event and further information.

Medical Research Program vSEMERA - RWTH Aachen (Germany)

Are you interested in medical research, and do you enjoy working in an international setting? Our virtual SEmester for MEdical Research Aachen (v-SEMERA) might be the program you are looking for! 

It’s an English-taught research semester, fully held online provided by an all-virtual learning platform. This allows you a lot of flexibility: You can participate and still follow your studies. The semester is free of charge and open to all health profession students.

v-SEMERA enables you to acquire scientific skills in basic and clinical research. You can then apply those competencies to your own scientific project (e.g. a dissertation) under the supervision of a mentor. v-SEMERA features Keynotes by international experts. To connect with your international peers, we offer an intercultural social program.

The semester starts in September and there is only a limited number of places available. You can find more details on our website. Deadline is July 31.

TBU in Zlín - Czech Republic

TBU in Zlín organizes summer schools (some of them purely on-line, some of them might be switched – with significant discount into the on-line form depending on COVID-19 situation)

Applications for TBU Summer Schools are open. More information is possible to find here:

Course offer:

  • Computer Viruses and Security; 3 ECTS; EUR 520 (early bird)
  • Digital Marketing in the 21st Century; 4 ECTS; EUR 620 (early bird)
  • Geographic Information Systems; 5 ECTS; EUR  550 (early bird)
  • Marketing and Management in Creative and Culture Industries; 5 ECTS; EUR 280 (early bird) – on-line course only
  • Processes of Risk Assessment and Treatment 7 ECTS; EUR 200 (early bird) – on-line course only
  • Quantitative Tools For Qualified Managerial Decision Making; 5 ECTS; EUR 620 (early bird)

Riga Technical University (RTU), Latvia

We are proud to inform you that this upcoming summer 2021 RTU  International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department  is offering nine summer schools for all international students and personnel from all around the globe. Besides, it is important to point out that three of nine summer camps received Latvian Government Scholarships which are available for some of the regions.

The summer schools we are offering are:

•  3D Animation World (scholarships available) 

•  Bioeconomy. Sustainable Use of Biological Resources (scholarships available)

•  Riga – The Pearl Of Latvian Wooden Architecture (scholarships available)

•  Robotics: Real Life Applications

•  Smart Emerging Technology. Iot For Smart Cities

•  Time Capsule of Latvian Footprints

•  Intensive English and Cross-Cultural Communication

•  Global Leadership

•  Intensive English


La Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spagna) organizza una summer school virtuale dal 5 al 23 luglio 2021, un corso intensivo di lingua spagnola. 

Maggiori informazioni nei documenti allegati (bando e programma).

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