Immunologia e Oncologia

Research fileds

Identification and characterization of new angiogenetic factors
Identification of new peptidomimetic compounds with antineoplastic activity
Signalling of angiogenetic growth factors
Interactions of tumor and stromal cells with the extracellular matrix
Role of the FGF/FGFR system in tumor growth and vascularization
Development of new models to investigate tumor growth, invasion and metastasis formation in zebrafish
Anti-tumor chemotherapy and heart damage
Characterization of new chemotactic factors and receptors
Mechanisms regulating pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines  
Role of dendritic cells in inflammation
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer immunosurveillance
Innate mucosal immune system
Antibodies-mediated tissue damage
Modulation of immune responses in patients with rheumatic diseases
Role of the JAK/STAT pathway in neoplastic transformation
Molecular mechanisms of neoplastic transformation in mucosal sino-nasal melanoma
Angiogenesis and brain tumors
Role of thymus in primary immunodeficiency in humans and mouse models

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