Working Paper - DEM

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Anno 2019

WPDEM N. 1/2019
Enrico Angelelli, Claudia Archetti, Carlo Filippi, Michele Vindigni - "A dynamic and probabilistic orienteering problem"


Anno 2018

WPDEM N.1/2018
Enrico Angelelli, Valentina Morandi, Maria Grazia Speranza - "A Trade-off between Average and Maximum Arc Congestion Minimization in Traffic Assignment with User Constraints" 

WPDEM N.2/2018
Enrico Angelelli, Valentina Morandi, Maria Grazia Speranza - "Unfairness avoidance in system optimal routing of traffic flows"

WPDEM N. 3-2018
Muhammad Kashif, Francesco Menoncin, Iqbal Owadally - "Optimal portfolio and spending rules for endowment funds"


Anno 2017

WPDEM N.1/2017
Chiara Mussida, Maria Laura Parisi - "Ethnic groups’ income inequality within and across Italian regions"

WPDEM N.2/2017
Carlo Filippi, Gianfranco Guastaroba, Maria Grazia Speranza - "Applications of Conditional Value-at-Risk Beyond Finance: A Literature Review"

WPDEM N. 3/2017
Mario Cassetti - "Fiscal policy as a long-run stabilization tool. Simulations with a stock-flow consistent model"


Anno 2016

WPDEM N. 1/2016
Giulia Rivolta - "Is the ECB’s reaction function stable through time? An evaluation with time-varying parameters"

WPDEM N.2/2016
Carlo Filippi, Wlodzimierz Ogryczak, M. Grazia Speranza - "Discrete Conditional Value-at-Risk"

WPDEM N.3/2016
Enrico Angelelli, Valentina Morandi, Grazia Speranza - "Heuristic path generation for the proactive route guidance approach"

WPDEM N. 4/2016
Francesco Menoncin, Stefano Nembrini - "Stochastic continuous time growth models that allow for closed form solutions"

WPDEM N. 5/2016
Enrico Angelelli, Valentina Morandi, Martin Savelsbergh, Grazia Speranza - "System Optimal Routing of Traffic Flows with User Constraints using Linear Programming"

WPDEM N. 6/2016
Claudia Archetti, Maria Grazia Speranza, Dennis Weyland - On-Demand Public Transportation

WPDEM N.7/2016
Enrico Angelelli, Valentina Morandi, Grazia Speranza - Heuristic path generation for the linear constrained system
optimum model

WPDEM 8/2016
Rodolfo Metulini - Spatio-Temporal Movements in Team Sports: A Visualization approach using Motion Charts

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