CeTAmb's aim is the promotion of research activities on “appropriate technologies for environment management in Developing Countries” within the University and in direct collaboration with no profit organizations (NGOs, associations, cooperatives, etc.).


CeTAmb tries to operate according to the programs listed below:

  • To favour contacts with NGOs, universities, research institutes, enterprises, both in Italy and in Developing Countries.

  • To promote circulation of information and documents concerning cooperation projects thanks to the implementation of a documentation centre (library, networks, web-site, data collection regarding projects in Developing Countries) as well as the creation of databases and the publication of informative papers.

  • To promote, coordinate and develop research activities in collaboration with Developing Countries.

  • To encourage cultural exchanges of students and researchers between Italy and Developing Countries.

  • To organize specific seminars in universities and secondary schools, in order to make the students aware of environmental issues in Developing Countries.

  • To organize workshops, courses and conferences for the spreading of the activities implemented in collaboration with research institutes and public and private enterprises.
Last updated on: 27/04/2023