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University associations allow you to fully live the university life, experiencing various situations and acquiring skills for your future personal life and professional career.
They are also poles of aggregation where you can meet new people, create dialogue and friendships and increase your network.
Below is a brief presentation of some associations currently that are registered and active within our university:

Our associations also have a self-managed Whatsapp channel listing all their events.
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International network of students and female students from across continental Europe: try your hand at cultural exchanges and thematic projects and don't miss the chance to meet new people both in Brescia and all over Europe!
Our motto is “Some call it Europe, we call it Home.” 


Instagram page::

Contact: +39 366 4389751 Michelangelo Paiardi, HR Aegee-Brescia


AIESEC - We have been developing leadership since 1948. The largest youth organisation in the world  with a presence in more than 100 countries, more than 250 members in Italy, more than 30.000 exchange experiences abroad per year, including volunteering, company internships and membership.

Instagram page:

Contact: [email protected]


CAMSTUD - Cameroon students of the Università degli studi di Brescia. We are a non-profit association aiding integration of students from Cameroon into the university environment, managing documentation and facilitation problems. The foremost of our many goals is to encourage students to finish their academic course on time by providing some seniors in different disciplines and helping them to pass the various exams.

Email address: [email protected]

Logo ESN brescia

ESN - ESN BRESCIA - +200 international students, +40 volunteers, +100 events per semester
multicultural environment, learn new languages, post Erasmus depression...
Erasmus changes your life, ESN turns it upside down!

Instagram Page: :




GLABRADIO - experience yourself as speaker, dj, moderator, videomaker... Create your podcast, lifeblog, channel or help those who need to develop an idea!
Creativity never sleeps

Instagram Page:

Contact: [email protected]


IEEE - Student Branch of Brescia STB1019: student branch of IEEE, which is the largest technical-professional organisation in the world dedicated to the advancement of technology for the benefit of  humanity.
Student association intent on practical learning as well as theoretical learning. We are dedicated to learning and disseminating our knowledge.

Instagram Page:

Contact: [email protected]

logo muhack

MUHACK - The first hackerspace in Brescia.
The µhack initiative originates from the need for a place where enthusiast of electronics, informatics, and anything involving technology can come together to exchange ideas, knowledge and equipment.

Instagram Page:


Contact: [email protected]

logo sism brescia

SISM BRESCIA is a free, non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit social promotion association. It is composed of six groups, working on as many thematic areas: Human Rights and Peace; Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights, including HIV and AIDS; Medical Education; Public Health; professional exchanges with foreign Hospitals and Research Centres.

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Contatto: [email protected]

Our university also has thematic student clubs approved by the Academic Senate.

logo unibs for sdgs

UNIBS FOR SDGs – student club committed to sustainable development. Through projects, conferences and other initiatives we tackle the themes of the UN 2030 agenda.
We actively participate in the works of the University Commission for Sustainable Development and the "RUS Student community" working group.
Change your future, be the difference!

Instagram Page

Contact: [email protected]

Would you like to register your association?

To register your association to the Register of Association fill in the application form for registration in the Register of University Student Associations.

Last updated on: 21/06/2024