Faculty Development

aula mercanti

UniBs aims to improve its educational offer and promote innovative teaching methods for high quality, efficient, inclusive and sustainable learning. 

This will be achieved through training and refresher programmes for teachers and the introduction of new technological resources and tools to support learning.


In recent years, in order to face the complex dynamics of national and international transformation, Italian universities, faced with the requirements of the initial and continuous accreditation of universities and study programmes through the AVA3 procedures of Anvur. As a result, universities have been strongly committed to identifying and developing strategies aimed at improving the quality of teaching and supporting innovation in teaching practices.


The course is aimed at all professors at the University of Brescia and provides a general overview of what Specific Learning Disorders are.
The course provides an introduction to the use of compensatory and dispensatory measures that are useful for students in their exams.

Last updated on: 31/05/2024