Post Lauream

PhD Programmes

Dottorato DMMT

The Research Doctorate (PhD Programme) is a 3rd Level university course of study.

To access a PhD Programmes candidates must have an eligible advanced (2nd Level) University Degree.

Discover our multidisciplinary paths, Italian and international, on various research areas.

Specialization Schools

Ragazza che studia in biblioteca

The specialization is a post-graduate master's course that provides the knowledge and skills required to obtain the qualification to practice specific professions in different sectors.

Discover our offer between specialization schools in the medical area, health for non-doctors, dentistry and the specialization school for the legal professions.

State Exams

gruppo di studenti in aula studio

Professional qualification exams are necessary to be able to exercise some freelance professions and to enroll in an order.

Here you will find information regarding the State Exams for professional qualification held at our University.

School of Management and Advanced Education

School of Management and Advanced Education

The School of Management and Advanced Education (SMAE) offers training and refresher courses to meet the training needs of individuals, businesses, professions, public and private entities.

Summer school

Cinque ragazzi stranieri

Intensive courses with an international profile, delivered totally or partially in a foreign language of a residential nature with compulsory attendance.



The university world must go hand in hand with the world of work. The degree is the last chapter of a trilogy made up of years of studies and exams and the achievement of the coveted piece of paper represents the rite of passage to the world of work. A feared passage, precisely because it is often uncertain. In the mind of the student who attends the end of his career the questions are always the same: what will I do after graduation? How long will it take to find work? What job will I find?

Last updated on: 20/02/2024