Authorisation of university spaces

The University of Brescia grants premises and classrooms to both the faculty and external public or private entities for hosting meetings, events of significant general interest, scientific and cultural conventions and conferences.

The grant is subject to the following conditions:

  • that institutional activities are prioritised,
  • that no conflict of interest exists,
  • that the image of the university is left unharmed,
  • that personnel on staff partake in the event.

Preliminary check of availability

Please, contact our Auxiliary Services to reserve suitable spaces and check for availability:

How to apply

A signed application, on letterhead paper or application form, must be sent exclusively to the address [email protected] at least thirty days before the reservation start date, along with the following information:

  • title of the event,
  • date and schedule,
  • time for set-up and dismantling,
  • aims and programme,
  • list of the personnel on staff participating in the event,
  • responsible contact person,
  • organizational administrative office and its address,
  • additional services, if any (coffee break, buffet, special technical equipment),
  • administrative data for invoice (if required by the applicant).

Upon authorising the grant, the University will communicate its organizational contact person. 



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