Strategic goals

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Through its social commitment activities UniBS share its scientifi valorisation of knowledge for productive purposes, such as third-party research, spin-offs, relations with the world of business and industry, ac, technological and cultural knowledge to the community in order to promote te economic and social development of the local area.

UniBS's social commitment has two souls: one is the economicnd the second is focused on social and cultural impact, and is contributing to the improvement of the community's living conditions through the provision of educational, training, information, dissemination and consultancy tools.


UniBS believes in strengthening relations with businesses in all its spheres of action, such as institutional activities, teaching, research, the promotion of university results and the development of projects by departments and research centres.

UniBS has always been committed to understanding and listening the needs of companies and social stakeholders for academic knowledge sharing.
The relationship with the local area, in its various forms, is the ideal place where theory and academic practice meet to contribute to the social and economic well-being of the community.

UniBS creates innovation through the valorisation of research results, using the specificities and identities that characterise the local context with shared project proposals linked to local resources, in a complex and articulated vision of their quality enhancement.
This vision is based on the conviction that university can play a fundamental role in driving sustainable growth at the local level.


Our university wants to produce value orientations and civic commitment behaviours, aimed at 'regenerating' social ties oriented towards solidarity and social cohesion and creating institutional trust. The relationship with the local area, in its various articulations, must be considered an ideal place to produce civic engagement, participation and build a sense of belonging.

UniBS contributes to the development of a shared community that looks beyond the limits of its own interests and embraces what is new and different.

Inspired by the values of inclusiveness and solidarity, our university offers cultural pathways based on social participation, in the belief that this contributes to conflict containment.

A prerequisite for the creation of a shared project is belonging to a community concept in which relationships, ties, solidarity, equality and fairness are shared values; in this perspective, the construction and development of paths of mutual legitimisation become the instrument and objective of the intervention.


The university embraces a relational approach that shapes academic life, including the areas of teaching and research, as a place where there is respect for diversity and where there are equal opportunities for growth and development for the entire community.

In this perspective, it implements a conscious and articulated project of social commitment on the territory, aimed at fighting marginality and social exclusion, reducing inequalities, promoting and supporting health, in the conviction that well-being depends on concrete actions to support socio-economic development.

Last updated on: 01/03/2024