Access to online services

To access and use the online services of our University you will need to have an account consisting of a Username and a Password.
These credentials allow you to access your ESSE3 student profile, wireless networks, library services and to request information.

If you do not have a UNIBS account, it is possible to obtain a username and a password to access the online services offered through the student registration (user registration).

If you already have a UNIBS account to access the portal services, go to LOGIN and enter your Username and Password. 
Once recognized by the portal, it will be possible to access all online services

If you have lost or forgotten your password and / or username, you can use the credentials recovery service and enter your tax code.
If the tax code is already associated with a private email address, the computer system will allow the user to independently recover the credentials (by accessing the Password recovery service and / or  the Username recovery service).
If, instead, the tax code is not associated with a private e-mail address, the computer system will ask the user to fill in a series of information (private email, identification document) and to send a copy of the identification document within 3 days.

Last updated on: 14/05/2024