Tutoring for students

Tutor a economia

Who are the tutor students?

Tutor students are students who make their experience available to those who undertake university studies and to those who are already enrolled in a university course in order to facilitate their first approaches to university, leading to a full integration into university life.

The tutor represents a mediator/facilitator between students and the university environment for didactic, information, and guidance. A tutor identifies any problems and reports them to the competent offices.

Who do tutor students are for and what do they do?

Tutors are responsible for welcoming students by providing them with the information necessary to guide them in making the most appropriate choices along their university studies, and hence focus their action on helping high school students, matriculated students, and students who are already enrolled in university. Furthermore, they help other students in preparing the study plan, provide advice and practical suggestions to overcome the various problems one can encounter during the time at the university.

To get to know and meet the student tutors:

Last updated on: 24/04/2024