Tuition fees, ISEE, exemptions and reductions

Tuition Fees: How and how much to pay

University fees are divided into three installments with different calculation methods and payment times:

- the amount of the first installment is 156 euros for everyone (140 euros of regional tax for the right to study and 16 euros of stamp duty).

For students enrolling for the first time in a Bachelor’s Degree with free access course,  with a TOLC-E test, a fee for admission to degree programmes of 20€ is required.

The amount of the second and third installments varies based on:

  • ISEE value
  • Relevant degree course
  • number of academic years of enrollment (in progress or enrolled in supplementary years)
  • number of ECTS earned in the months prior to 10 August (for the 23/24  academic year - between 11 August 2022 and 10 August 2023)

The payment of the first installment entails the obligation to pay also the second and third installments, where needed.

The maximum level of taxation applies to students with ISEE > 70,000 or to students who do not present ISEE.
If you want to apply for a tuition fee reduction, you can submit your ISEE by 30 november 2023.


For ACCOMMODATION application
(deadline postponed to 29 August 2023 only for freshmen)

(without the ISEE declaration/equalized ISEE we will only consider the merit requirement)

by 22 August 2023


(ISEE declaration/equalized ISEE required)

by 20 September 2023
 (for all students with ISEE <70,000 €)

by 30 November 2023



(without the ISEE declaration/equalized ISEE the service will be activated at the total cost):

by 15 December 2023


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