How much does it cost to study?


Tuition fees for students enrolled in bachelor's, master's and integrated master's degrees are divided into three installments:

  • first installment : it is the same for everyone and is equal to € 156 (regional tax for the right to study € 140.00 + stamp duty paid virtually € 16.00); you pay it upon enrollment - by October 15, 2021;         
  • second installment : by January 15, 2022;
  • third installment : by May 31, 2022.

The amounts of the second and the third installment might vary based on:    

  • ISEE declaration value calculated specifically for subsidized services for the right to university study in favor of your tax code  
  • relevant study course
  • number of academic years of enrollment at the University
  • number of credits earned in the 12 months prior to 10 August (between 11 August 2020 and 10 August 2021). 

The maximum level of taxation applies to students with ISEE> 70,000 or to students who do not present ISEE declaration.

Students who are not up to date with the payment of fees and contributions cannot be admitted to the exams and are not allowed to request certifications.


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Contribuzione studenti con doppia iscrizione

Nei casi di doppia iscrizione a corsi di laurea, laurea magistrale, laurea magistrale a ciclo unico ai sensi della legge 12 aprile 2022, n. 33, ti viene riconosciuto uno sconto del 50% sul contributo omnicomprensivo del corso più oneroso. Sono in ogni caso dovute l’imposta di bollo e la tassa di ammissione al Corso di Laurea, ove prevista per il primo anno, per entrambi i corsi.

Further division into installments

You can request a further division into installments of the second and third installments if you have a valid ISEE declaration for benefits for the right to university study equal to or less than € 45,000. 

In any case the first installment might be further divided.

Division into installments of previous debts

In the case of previous debts, the payment in installments is allowed regardless of the presentation of an ISEE declaration.

The payment should be completed before enrollment renewal, resuming academic career or submitting withdrawal declaration.


Contributions for services provided at the student's request

  • Admission fee to the admission tests of the courses with local planned access: 50€
    The fee for the admission exam to the courses with a nationally planned acces is defined by MUR.
    Admission fee to free access courses: 20€ with TOLC-SU test; 50€ without TOLC-SU test.
    The fee can not be reimbursed.
    For Master’s Degree in Economics,
    students who apply for the second edition of the admission test and have already taken part in the first edition without getting the minimum score required or have already applied for the first edition, are exempt from the contribution.
    Those who have already achieved an academic qualification and enroll in bachelor's degrees of Economics, Law and Engineering areas or in the integrated master's degree in Law are exempt from the additional amount.

  • Contribution for participation in the call for transfers to years subsequent to the first: € 50.00. No contribution is due for the call referring to the change of location for health professions degree courses.   

  • Reconnaissance fee for students who resume their studies after an interruption: € 80.00 for each academic year of interruption in addition to the amount due for enrollment in the new regular year of the course.
  • Pre-assessment contribution for validation of previous careers and enrollment in years subsequent to the first: € 100.00. 
    No additional costs are applied if the request for recognition is submitted after enrollment.  
  • Duplicate of degree diploma: € 50,00.  
  • Contribution for requesting direct recognition of a foreign academic qualification:
    - € 200.00 (non-refundable) to be paid upon submission of the request
    - € 300.00 for the issue of the final diploma.    

  • Contribution for transferring academic careers to other universities: € 100.

Withdraw from studies

The date when students submit the declaration of withdrawal from the studies determines the university contribution they should pay in relation to the deadlines set for the second and third installments. 

Students enrolled in 2022/2023 a.y. , who drop out of studies by 31 December 2022 are not required to pay the second and third installments for the 2021/2022 a.y.

The student enrolled in 2022/2023 a.y. , who withdraws starting from 1 January 2023 is required to pay the installments due at the time of submitting the renouncement. 
If the withdrawal is received before the expiry of the second installment, the student is required to pay the amount of € 250, or the amount of the second installment if it is less than € 250.

The renouncement is accepted only if there are no outstanding debts with the University and / or with the right to study board.

The student who renounces studies before the expiry of the installments having taken exams in the academic year of the renunciation, he will not be allowed to ask for the recognition of these exams in case of re-enrollment at the University until the payment of the previous tuition fees. 

Last updated on: 24/08/2022