ISEE declaration

What is ISEE declaration?

The ISEE declaration (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) presents the economic situation in order to request subsidized social benefits and is calculated on the basis of the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) of the family unit.

What do you need ISEE declaration for?

Present the ISEE or ISEE equivalent declaration to ask for a reduction in student fees (second and third installments) and / or the economic benefits and services provided by the University for the right to study (such as scholarships, student collaborations).

How do you obtain and submit ISEE declaration?

1.Ask for the ISEE certificate with the words "for services related to the right to education" at

- one of the Tax Assistance Centers (CAF)

- INPS desk or online on the INPS (National Institute of Social Security) website

Consider that issuance of ISEE declaration requires more than one week and contact CAF or INPS offices on time.

2. Check if your ISEE declaration is correct and presents all required data

3. Obtain  it within the deadlines approved by our university referring to application for regional grants and accommodation or concerning fees reduction

4. Stake out the two boxes related to the submission of ISEE declaration in your personal page, differently our offices won't be allowed to download the declaration and calculate the proper installments amount

Deadlines for submitting ISEE or ISEE equivalent declaration

Application for accommodation

(for new enrolled students the deadline is 10 September 2021)

by 23rd August 2021

Application for regional grants

(ISEE value less than 23.000 € + ISP less than 50.000 €)

by 30 September 2021

Fees reduction

 (ISEE value less than 70.000 €)

by 15 December 2021

Delayed ISEE or ISEE equivalent submission

The late ISEE or ISEE equivalent is the self-certification presented after the 15 December of the year of enrollment in the course of study. We accept the delayed ISEE declaration to recalculate the second and third installments and you can send it by e-mail to the tax office by June 15 of the academic year the declaration refers toFor late submissions you will be charged a penalty of € 250.

The equivalent ISEE declaration

If you aren't an Italian citizen and have income and assets in countries other than Italy, you must indicate your economic condition according to the equivalent ISEE declaration (ISEE parificato) to be required at an appointed CAAF office in Italy  (please, download and check the list).

The documents to be submitted at CAAF office are as follows:

  • student's tax code
  • valid identity card or passport
  • document certifying the family composition
  • family income referring to the calendar year 2020
  • possibily certificate of unemployment of each member of the family
  • any income and / or asset held in Italy
  • declaration of the buildings owned by the family in the country of origin and with an indication of the square meters
  • certification of the movable assets owned by the family as of 31 december 2020

Are you an independent student?

You are considered an independent student if your residence has been outside your family of origin for at least 2 years and you live in a property that is not owned by them.

Moreover, you are considered independent only if

  • your income derives from dependent or similar work, not managed by a family member
  • you have fiscally declared your salary for at least 2 years
  • you have a yearly salary not less than 6500 euros
Last updated on: 18/03/2022