Fondo giovani 2022

The University of Brescia, thanks to “Fondo Giovani 2022”, assigned by the Ministry to promote the enrolling in degree programmes of particular interest for Italy and Europe, partially refunds tuition fees/offers an economic contribution to the best 100 students enrolled in the 1st year (in a. y. 2021/2022) in one of the Bachelor’s Degrees of Engineering who meet the following requirements:

  1. To be on-course students in year 2021/2022;
  2. Students with at least 40 CFU earned at the end of autumn session (included the credits for the English language test);
  3. Students who have preferably acquired the credits for the certification of the knowledge of a foreign language.

The ranking is based on the weighted average of the exams registered within the autumn session and it is completed with students who, at the end of the autumn session and in accordance with the criteria of points 1 and 2, have not acquired yet the credits for the certification of knowledge of a foreign language.

Last updated on: 04/12/2023